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What the Percy Jackson Characters Taught me~ Rick Riordan is a great teacher. Books and Reading<< well he is/was a teacher in real life

Oh my god the biggest revelation in history!!!!!

This is one of the reasons why Harry potter and Percy Jackson fans get along so well<<<< I think I became Kirby because it felt like I sucked up the world with my emnormous gasp

I need help, eh? If that's so, than over a billion people need help. *cough* fangirls *cough*

Burst with excitement!

Is it really creepy that I thought Doctor was THE Doctor from Doctor Who, until I finished reading? I was wondering what Doctor Who had to do with Rick Riordan's books.

Where do you think Percy gets it from?!


Rick Riordan is one of my favorite authors of all time, along with Jo. My two fav authors FANGIRL over each other ahaha

percy jackson. Omg this is so funny

Imagine the kids friend In a camp half blood shirt and him arguing about Greeks vs. my life complete.