Cover art for the sourcebook Midnight: Second Edition fantasy flight Michael Komarck Illustration

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ArtStation - Medieval Knights Models - Crowd - Turntable video., David Munoz Velazquez

Models of knights and extras from the image 'Audeamus'. Knight with polearm by Francesc Camos Knight with greatsword by David Munoz Velazquez Renders by David Munoz Velazquez

my new painting commemorating the Battle of Grunwald, where the combined forces of Polish and Lithuanian knights, crushed the power of the Teutonic Order. It was also the largest battle of the Middle Ages. If you can recognize this knight on the

This is how to look badass without forfeiting all your femininity. Plus, that…                                                                                                                                                     Más

Katheryn Winnick (seen here as Lagertha in the TV series Vikings) is a Dan Tae Kwon Do and a Dan Karate black belt.

Portrait of Alessandro Farnese

The top 10 codpieces in art

Portrait of Alessandro Farnese. Alessandro Farnese by Alonso Sanchez Coello…