Siege of Acre by Mariusz Kozik vel Lacedemon

Siege of Acre 1291 by Lacedemon on DeviantArt


The Knights Templar

Unused sketch for Total War_Kingdom by on @DeviantArt

ArtStation - unused_sketch_for_total_war_kingdom, Lulu Zhang

Mariusz Kozik. Caballeros templarios y hospitalarios cargando en las calles de Acre durante el sitio de 1291.

ArtStation - Siege of Acre Mariusz Kozik

Templar Knights Charging !

Templar Knights wore the symbol of a Red Cross to signify martyrdom. They laid their life on the line for Holy purposes and if they were killed in battle, it was considered a great honour and a sure place in heaven.

Deus vult !

Crusades by Nikola Yordanov

'Duel' by Mariusz Kozik ----- Better quality here:

'Duel' by Mariusz Kozik ----- Better quality here

Montgisard - Deus que fazia aparecer sua força nos fracos inspirou o rei Balduíno IV que desceu de sua montaria, prosternou-se com a face contra a terra diante da Cruz e rezou com lágrimas. À vista disto, o coração de todos os soldados se enterneceu. Eles estenderam todos a mão sobre a verdadeira Cruz e juraram jamais fugir; e, em caso de derrota, olhar como traidor e apóstata quem fugisse em vez de morrer.

Prayer before battle a Templer Knight and his men

Battle between Richard the Lionheart and Saladin

Richard the Lionheart And Saladin Face Off

mounted sergeants by mariusz kozik Sparrow Volume John Watkiss

Robert The Bruce dispatches Sir Henry De Bohun before the Battle of Bannockburn. Far ahead of Edward IIs main army, marching from Falkirk to relieve Stirling Castle, rides the English vanguard. Late on that day, 23rd June 1314, these horsemen advance along the Roman road and cross Bannockburn.

"Battle of Bannockburn. The King of Scots cleaves in two the Great Helm of a chivalrous English knight (Sir Henry de Bohun), with his mighty axe, in full view of his triumphant Scottish army, June 1314 AD"

Norse horsemen fight Anglo-Saxon soldiers at the Battle of Hastings, England, in 1066.

Battle of Hastings, England, in 1066 - Norman knights plow into the Anglo-Saxon lines.

m Royal Army


Jousting Steed by Tomasz Jedruszek

Charge of the Utarians by on @DeviantArt

Quick photo bash painting during a couple of lunch breaks. Charge of the White Dragon

Inquisitors...extremely holy and can fight like none other. Evil kinds, beware you catch their attention

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Templar knight after the battle. A mighty sword-hand anchored by a holy purpose. A zealous warrior.