And yet another delightful garden print by fashion designer Annabella Barber for Plaza. Photography by Jaclyn Adams. via Haute Design by Sarah Klassen: Style: In A Feminine Light

visual optimism; fashion editorials, shows, campaigns & more!: paraíso: alison nix by kevin sinclair for vogue mexico september 2013

"Aire Rojo" Paraíso: Alison Nix By Kevin Sinclair For Vogue Mexico September 2013 model: alison nix (ford) photographer: kevin sinclair stylist: andrew holden (atelier) hair: anthony nader make-up: carolina dali (see)

베이지색 드레스, 체인 어깨 장식, 투톤 가죽 장갑은 모두 샤넬(Chanel), 가죽과 울이 섞인 재킷은 노케제이(Nohke J), 검정 초커는 하우앤왓(How and What), 깃털 헤드피스는 고요다(Goyoda). Beauty Note ‘일뤼지옹 동브르 94 로제데벙(Rose des vents)’ 크림 섀도를 눈 주변에 골고루 펴 바른 후, ‘뤼미에르 파셰뜨 537 꺄드릴(Quadrille)’ 핑크색과 브라운색 섀도를 쌍꺼풀 라인 쪽에 발라 은은한 그러데이션을 완성했다. 선홍색 ‘루즈 알뤼르 145’를 입술선을 따라 바르면 동백꽃처럼 화사한 핑크 메이크업이 완성된다. 모두 샤넬(Chanel).

koreanmodel: Lee Hyejung by Oh Sangsun for Vogue Korea Apr 2014 - Beautiful mix of pink and black

외방커뮤니티 > 헐리우드 > 판빙빙 Marie Claire 중국판 2015년 1월호 화보陳漫Chen man | 范冰冰 Fan Bingbing

World Country Magazines: Fan Bingbing by Chen Man for Marie Claire, China, January 2015

PHUONG MY - Open Back Wool Silk Couture Dress

(images via Behance ) Photography by: Zhang Jingna , Styling by: Phuong My , Clothing by: Kwak Ji Young, Hair by: Daniel Wong, Makeup by.

Anna Selezneva por Camilla Akrans para Blumarine

Blumarine’s Spring/Summer 2013 campaign features Russian beauty Anna Selesneva as photographed by Camilla Akrans against the backdrop of a grass plain and beautiful blossom trees.