How many remember doing this in the 50s and 60s. I sure do..wore holes in my socks.

wore holes in my socks.

Now grab your pardner

nargyle: Now grab your pardner

Swing out - GIF on Imgur

Swing out is awsome. Even if it is animated.

Genevieve FT

Another gif of my process and a new drawing :)

Paperman Swing by on @deviantART

"Swing" (by ~pai-draws on deviantART)The Paperman couple :)

Cécile C.

Cecile Carre - the flow and movement in this is amazing

Swing dancers are the happiest people :>

Swing dancers are the happiest people

lindy hop logo draw - Αναζήτηση Google

sirpangur: some swing practice is always good

Bright Smile: Weekend Update: Dancing

Vera Brosgol Draws Cute Girls From ‘Sandman’ To The Circus [Art]

Commishzone31 by sandflake-adoptables on DeviantArt

by sandflake-adoptables on DeviantArt

Fun bristled. That was weird. For a minute she had felt something…icky. She shrugged and opened the door.... Read the rest at Life In Roses. By Mirella Rossi.

Episode 1: Fun

Melanie maybe? [Dancing Queen by

By Emilio Freixas

Vintage postcard - Rose and the Tenth Doctor, anybody?

Dance Dance Two by otherwise on @DeviantArt

Aaaand the rest of the dancing drawings . all of which are slightly off because I'm tiredish . Dance Dance Two

Love by Brittney Lee

Back in her performance days (Brittney Lee)

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I think that it would be an awesome story if the old lady disapproved of the girl and the girl thought that the old lady was just being mean but after a while they get to know eachother.

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Megs and Toast: Photo