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∙☾shut your quiznak☽∙


̀- ̗̀ smell the rain⛅ ̖́-

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̀- ̗̀ smell the rain⛅ ̖́-

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Would you read to me - aesthetic -


owh que céu 🌌💕

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i found you

The moon is out tonight and I can't help but admire it's beauty

Extreme Nature: Cherish every sunset - Hubub

- ̗̀☁︎☀︎☁︎ ̖́- ѕĸieѕ liĸe тнeѕe reмind мe oғ wнaт iѕ тrυe: тнeѕe ѕĸieѕ were мade ғor мe and ғor yoυ - ̗̀☁︎☀︎☁︎ ̖́-

Pink sunset sky through window

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heaven on earth

Sky, Brazil

And I was born from the hues of my lilac sky

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One of my favorite memories with Molly is the time we went to the amusement park in Ocean City at night.

I would love to go on a Ferris Wheel like this.

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You touched me and I became a lilac sky. And you just realised purple wasn't for you.

Purple Aesthetic

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Love is a delicate thing  Not some insignificant fling When someone says they love you, Think of how much courage that takes to do

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