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Leo and Ravi - VIXX - that outfit is crazy Ravi lol

Leo and Ravi - VIXX - that outfit is crazy Ravi lol<<<At first I thought the picture was two pictures, and it cut at Ravi's waist

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Leo finally being cute and ravi is like NO XDD Leo cutely hugging him on the edge of a pool is reason for concern.

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RealVIXX on

This is a handsome, dark, and mysterious, side of VIXX we haven't seen in a while!To get fans riled up for their upcoming solo concert 'VIXX …

RAVI ♡ #VIXX // K Wave Brasil 2014  This is so different from his normal style but no less SEXY!

I love how Ravi's stage style is like super kick butt but his actual style is cute hipster

VIXX know who their parents are

VIXX know who their parents are



N Leo Hongbin

N , Leo, Hongbin ♡ VIXX Wow, this is a gorgeous shot.

N , Leo ,Ken, Ravi , Hong Bin and Hyuk ♡ #VIXX TV ep 76

I sincerely love their look in voodoo doll. [Leo N Ken Hongbin Hyuk Ravi ♡

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Ravi Twitter Update | Ravi sharing a picture of him and N together for N's birthday! :D

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N and Ravi. Ravi, why does your hair match N's tie?