HAHAHAHAH Have a snickers Elena! ;) Elena Gilbert & Katherine ~ The Vampire Diaries <3

14 Pictures Only "The Vampire Diaries" Fans Will Think Are Funny

Save Water: Show With Ian

This is awesome-save water shower with Ian.vampire diaries and hunger games combined

Cleo & Emma

Phoebe Tonkin and Claire Holt Loved them on love them on the originals! Look at the age difference

I can't even begin to explain how perfect this is and how many feels just slapped me in the face

okay everything is true except for Klaus (he belongs with caroline) who else was half and half when Stefan proposed because your happy for her, but you still had a shred of hope for klaroline :(

The Vampire Diaries | Team Badass all day long

LOL The Vampire Diaries - Sophia Imma join that team Who's with me Ya wanna join team badass

I would have said yes last year but, now that I am reading and watching Twilight I say they are the same,

The Vampire Diaries is certainly better than Twilight, movie wise. Twilight books probably trump VD books.