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dammit Damon,leave my ship alone...Team Stefan <3 The Vampire Diaries #titanic #stelena #funny

dammit Damon,leave my ship alone.Team Stefan The Vampire Diaries <<<<>>>> does anyone still ship Stelena anymore, Delena forever!

#TVD - #DamonSalvatore #ElenaGilbert

TVD The Vampire Diaries Elena & Damon "Love,death. Leaves a heartbreak, no one. no one can heal. Can heal"

Basically, the whole of the TVD fandom right now........

This is literally what happens every time someone brings up The Vampire Diaries. Everyone talking about Stelena versus Delena, and I am just sitting and talking to myself about Klaroline :D

The Vampire Diaries and H20 Just Add Water Combined

"Hi" omg it's basically like bye bitch seeing you drown after making you drive in that stupid river, stupid