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The Sovereign Class USS Enterprise which appeared in Star Trek The Next Generation Movies commander by Capt J Picard

Enterprise - "Star Trek First Contact", "Star Trek Insurrection" & "Star Trek Nemesis" Top View. Hands down my favorite class.

Understanding starship headings

Relative Bearing: Flight vector specified as an azimuth/elevation relative to the ship's orientation is straight ahead).

This is a re-design I made some time ago ( back in 2009) and I'm in the mesh re-working these days. It's my version of Star Trek Galileo 7 . I did new nacelles and other details here and there, as well a new texture maps...Made in 3D MAX ...

This a revised version of my Galileo This time I've design a full interior and I've take care of the way the access main door works . Made with Max and mental ray as render engine with some use of the base male figure