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How to make felt balls

Make a rainbow garland for St. Good video on making felted wool balls. Fun for kids to make necklaces with, or garlands.

DIY:  Easy way to make felted balls in a plastic container and shake, shake, shake!

Make felt balls the easy way--fill container with water and a drop of dish soap, pull wool apart, cover, roll around and shake until ball forms! This would be a great way for me to make all the felt balls needed in that rug I've been eyeing.

"This is a small tutorial to get some felted wool easy and economical way, I got the idea (I will not be a pioneer, of course, lol) and to share who cares. It is ideal for small little things or details without the need to buy many colors. Of course, there's nothing like buying felted wool quality, this is rather ... a 'done deal' "

Mini tutorial Needle felting by ·Impala. This is how i learned to needle felt, with pulled apart yarn! Easy cheap way to learn.

just an idea.instead of putting finished product in a hoop, stretch it over small wood frame or book

beautiful. i don't know the autor

Handmade Felt Swallow ~ ~ scissors tail is difficult, like leggings on this…

simply beautiful

felt tree creations - great for Thanksgiving and leaves can have what we are thankful for or family tree with names on leaves.or would be a great family tree

Decorando con stencil cojines...

Decora cojines con stencil

игрушка зайчик в стиле тильда | тильда мастер (тильдамастер)


игрушка зайчик в стиле тильда | тильда мастер (тильдамастер)