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This is another design that I love. In so many ways I believe music changed my life. I think it's relevant, don't you?

50+ Cute Small Tattoos

I would put the treble clef after the heart beat though. My heart beats for music.

Music Note Wrist Tattoo

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Crazy about the music? There will no single soul who doesn't love music. Musical tattoos is another wonderful way to show the passion for music. Here are the best picks for you

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Kristina Webb.

I don't get this whole dumb anchor "I refuse to sink" thing. I mean anchors sink. if you refuse to sink get a tattoo of a life jacket or something.

Sister love

Sister Tattoos

I think me and my mom should get these as a mother daughter tattoo not a sister tattoo

I like the placement of this a lot!!

Tattoo Placement - I like how it goes with the curve of the collar bone. "We can't choose what stays and what fades away"

I love what another pinner said about this: "A quarter rest is a symbol in sheet music that tells the musician to pause for a moment and take a breather. Sometimes in life you just need to stop for a moment and breathe"

A quarter rest means to pause- aka breathe. Which we all need to do every once and a while in life- take a breather🎶 i love this. If I was really into music I would def get it.