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Kindness. ___and how beautifuly written! I love how the artist chose black&white option for this lettering project instead of usual colorful version (so common these days) - anything handwritten and made with passion makes me happy because I really know how much work (and heart!) has been put here. It takes time to create an amazing piece like that.

lilacremes: “・・・ “Kindness takes courage. Kindness is rarely the easiest option, and it’s usually not your first instinct when you feel threatened. It takes guts to be kind when you’re under attack.

Beautiful Lettering Calligraphy Design (12)

Beautiful Lettering Calligraphy Design (12)

The beautiful hand-lettering work of Tobias Saul. I love his style, you can instantly see the quality of his gorgeous handwriting. So much inspiration for my lettering book.

Found by Abbey Schuyler

Typography and lettering design for inspiration will be listed below. All typography and lettering designs are really fine and awe-inspiring.