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chocolate and pistachio mousse cakes | by cannelle-vanille #Chocolates #BuffaloBucksCoffee

Chocolate and Pistachio Mousse Cakes by cannelle-vanille ? blueberry tart white chocolate mousse with fresh cranberry and orange compote by .

Chocolate mousse cake. Amazing looking dessert with great tutorial. Looks like it would be fun to make.

love me some chocolate mousse Chocolate mousse cake: chocolate cake, crisp, dark chocolate mousse, white chocolate mousse, chocolate glaze.

The Light Peach Sakura, a dome of peach mousse with a white chocolate-infused sakura center and a layer of butter pound cake atop a rich pâte sablée crust. From the Bonheur Pâtisserie, Singapore.

Bonheur Pâtisserie Part 1 – Light Sakura Peach Mousse & Valrhona Chocolate Tart

☆What a delicate and delicious looking dessert! "Light Peach Sakura, one of the signature pieces at Bonheur. A domed light peach mousse with a sakura infused chocolat blanc centre, resting on a piece of butter pound, with a pâte sablée disc as a base.

This is some presentation! As you pour hot fudge over white chocolate it cracks the outer shell and reveals a chocolate cake inside! This dessert was served in an upscale restaurant in Beijing.

A white chocolate ball around a chocolate cake - Hot fudge is then poured on the top. As the fudge melts the outer casing (white chocolate), the shell breaks & reveals the chocolate cake hidden on the inside! Now that's talent.