Helmet, Filippo Negroli (1510 - 1579)

Burgonet “ALLA ROMANA ANTICA” Created for The Archduke Ferdinand II of Tyrol, Ambrass and Innsbruck. Ceremonial Parade Helmet designed and created by the famed studio of Filippo Negroli, a 16 Century Armorer in Milan, Italy.

Dragon Crusader Helmet by Azmal on deviantART

Dragon Crusader Helmet by Azmal costume cosplay LARP equipment gear magic item…

22件「一出場就把鋼鐵人盔甲瞬間打趴」的神猛級中世紀鎧甲,#3帥到要我花100萬買都願意!% 照片

Plate armour for Henry II of France, made around with elaborate ornamental embossing. Displayed at the Museum of Ethnology, Vienna.

Mercenary Leather Armor brown.

modern Leather Armor, distantly based on the early Roman empire lorica segmentata style of iron armor. This could work well for paintball under armor

Burgonet Helmet Ca. 1535

Burgonet helmet ca. 1535 via The Hermitage Museum I love helmets

Dark Souls- Set of Artorias Cosplay - Imgur

Dark Souls- Set of Artorias Cosplay

By Yuka

TELYUKA_Saya(時々) on

sci fi science fiction armor Robot Suit Digital Illustration mech art Teruyuki and Yuka

Crowned helmet, probably made by Kunz Lochner in Nuremberg circa 1540

Courtesy of The Royal Armoury.The helmet of Gustav I of Sweden (Gustav Vasa) has a very unusual design, with its conical shape and gilded crown. It was probably made by the armourer Kunz lochner in Nuremberg in the

Tournament Helm, ca. 1420–30. Possibly Italian or French. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Rogers Fund, 1904 (04.3.237) | Although very similar helmets are depicted in early fifteenth century works of art, almost no other actual examples of this type exist today.

Tournament Helm, ca. Possibly Italian or French. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. sneeking suspicion it is a repurposed bascinet from earlier date

Fantasy Superhero Armor by Prince Armory Custom Fantasy Leather Armor Design derivative of the Kryptonian Armor Jor El wore in Man of Steel.


Spanish Medieval Knight Suit of Armor of the Century by Marto of Toledo Spain. It reminds me of my family history and where my last name comes from.

Features:  -Hand painted.  -Faux chain mail, faux leather strapping, and hinged helmet.  -Design Toscano exclusive.  -Quality designer resin construction.  Product Type: -Statue.  Style: -Traditional.

Classic Life Size Italian Armor Sculpture Statue Figurine * Click image for more details.