Pull-through Braids

Pull Through Braid Hair Tutorial (Kassinka)

Here is a little hair tutorial I made for you guys! I love this hairstyle & it looks impossible but it’s actually super simple! xoxo Top – Windsor Store┋ Hair – Luxy Hair Gather hair into a high po

KASSINKA Post workout Hair Tutorial with Scunci @scunci

Get our of your workout in-style, using this hair piece from Scünci can help achieve that! I am back with another gorgeous DIY styling option to help you always feel your best & look amazing.

Top Hair Tutorials For Spring Summer Season

[tps_header]Is a braided crown hairstyle a look you want to try? Do you think a perfect braided crown hairstyle is too difficult for you to do on your own?

Half-up Fishtail Braid Hair Tutorial (Kassinka)

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With this pull through braid hair tutorial you will add something new to your look. Moreover, you can make it sleek or big. Tap the link now to find the hottest products for Better Beauty!

Nuestro cabello es una de las características que más personalidad da a nuestro rostro. Por eso aquí te dejo unos peinados para aprovechar si es que tienes una larga cabellera perfecta para intentar nuevos peinados que te harán ver súper bonita. De algunos de ellos te dejamos tutoriales para que puedas practicarlos y lograr un buen …

16 Peinados para hacerte si tienes cabello muy largo

Today’s tutorial is another Halloween inspired loo..

Today’s tutorial is another Halloween inspired look! I recently picked up this cute headband and pretty soon this costume idea fell into place. I love this Twisted Mermaid braid and think it could be (Mermaid Hair Tutorial)

Sweater Weather Braids Hair Tutorial

Sweater Weather Braids Hair Tutorial (Kassinka)