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Art doesn't have 2 match the couch - made of old license plates - yes! (Great art by my friend, Greg Constantine.

outside the box

This print cracks me up but I gotta say I definitely don't need it in my house. Everyone in my house thinks Outside the box ; My problem is usually getting them to understand that there are many who think InSIDE the box

#weird # interesting #quote (lino cut by Mark Andrew Webber)

Quote on creativity. "Being creative makes you a weird little beast because everything seems so bloody interesting for some strange reason.

I always wondered what people did with old license plates — this seems like a pretty sweet idea!

Typography inspiration

license plate signs Such a neat idea and a fun summer flea market hunt to find the plates! Could be a good idea for places we have been.


STart Motivation for kids who always say "I can't".


Pablo Picasso Quote: inspiration at its finest 'Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life' .

Con Artist Quotes. QuotesGram

lifestyle funny art quotes: Sorry! The lifestyle you ordered is currently out of stock.

'Creative Minds' Wood Wall Art.  quotes. wisdom. advice. life lessons.

"Creative Minds Are Rarely Tidy" poster perfect for the door to my craft (crap) room

walked down the aisle on my wedding day to this song! :)

I understand the simile of trouble melting like a lemon drop. Laughter falling like a lemon drop? The next time I trip I'm going to yell out, "Like a lemon drop, baby!") Meanwhile, would love this as a classroom poster.

Creativity is.. Watercolor hand lettered quote by Gillian Tracey

10 Practices to Help Overcome a Creative Block

"Creativity is experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun." Watercolor hand lettered quote by Gillian Tracey

This is what I teach!  EVERY woman has a medium through which she expresses her heart, creates beauty, and blesses those in her wake.  It may not be charcoal or paint - her medium could be words...or thread...or flour and sugar...or wood...or the way she loves on the ones lucky enough to know her.

How to be an artist…

Funny pictures about How to be an artist. Oh, and cool pics about How to be an artist. Also, How to be an artist.

colored pencils

Color Pencils Artist: Jonna Pohjalainen, Helsinki Location: Pedvale, Latvia Local aspen trees sharpened and ends painted to resemble colored pencils. Now that's one HUGE colored pencil!

-Saul Bass.  Posted this once before but I need reminding.

The Designer Says

“I just want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.” ~Saul Bass (page 7 'The Designer Says: Quotes, Quips, and Words of Wisdom' by Sara Bader)