let the wind blow your hair, if you haven't done this in a car, you totally should. but of course on road with no traffic ;

Free your soul. Trust your wings and fly. #life #soul #inspiration

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♥I would like to hope he is moved to tears by the music. The violin does that.

As a teacher, you hope to touch a child's life in such a profound way as this little boy's did. Diego Frazão Torquato, 12 year old Brazilian playing the violin at his teacher’s funeral. The teacher had helped him escape poverty and violence through music.

Day #13 ~ Driving the open road, with live music on the radio and wonderful thoughts of the possibilities...

One day I just want to hop in the car and drive. Just drive. This car! Top down, music blaring!

♥L' Amore è dentro di Te, ti riempie e ti nutre. All'altro non chiedi di soddisfare bisogni, perchè l' Amore in Te è manifestazione. Nessuno ti può abbandonare, nessuno ti può tradire, nessuno ti deve dimostrare che lo meriti. Tu Ami e Sei Amore! Sei la fonte per l'assetato, il cibo per l'affamato, aria per chi soffoca, carezza per chi anela affetto♥♥♥ #love #evolution #coaching

Here, you can really feel the air that girl is feeling too. With her hair all over the place, you can assume that the wind source is coming from below her and makes her hair move. Her hair is also very nice!

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Elsie's x-ray stockings caused quite the stir at the convention of podiatrists. By Helmut Newton

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