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Снимок Берта Харди

howtoseewithoutacamera: “ by Bert Hardy Gorbals children. A boy and a girl hold hands under an archway in the Gorbals, a slum district of Glasgow, January ”

(Picture: Library of Congress)

21 of the most iconic photos ever taken

Dorothea Lange's photo Migrant Mother an iconic image of the Great Depression. The Library of Congress entitled the Migrant Mother image, "Destitute pea pickers in California. Age thirty-two.

1910 - London dockers children

Typical England 1910 - London dockers children, living in rat infested slums, surviving on discarded fish heads and tails from Billingsgate Fish Market. Their Fathers went on strike for a minimum wage of per hour per week)

Oscar Marzaroli: Children, Maryhill, Glasgow, 1960

Children of Maryhill, Glasgow, 1960

Two boys with their dogs in Gorbals in a street rife with graffiti in 1948 - the work of photographer, Bert Hardy, click for more.

From a sweetheart's tears at Paddington to gravestone-jumping street urchins of Glasgow's slums: Striking images of celebrated WWII photographer Bert Hardy

Two boys with their dogs in the Gorbals, a slum area of Glasgow with unkempt streets and graffiti covered walls. Photo by Bert Hardy

Paddy's Market Glasgow. I thought this was a made up place that my Dad used to describe my playroom, but it was actually a place in Glasgow!

I thought this was a made up place that my gran used to describe a busy place, but it was actually real