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Vitamin Donuts for Pep and Vigor! The Doughnut Corporation sought endorsement from the Nutrition Division of the War Food Administration for its Vitamin Doughnuts campaign. [From the National.

Even Guinness has lost it sometimes

Guinness vintage poster --- "There are only two things a man can't resist . a pint of Guinness and another pint !" --- (Shows red haired pin-up girl sitting on top of the froth of a pint of Guinness).

Used to be named "Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda"! This soon got shortened to "7Up Lithiated Lemon Soda," and then just "7Up" in 1936.   Because lithium is used as one of the most common treatments for bipolar disorder!     Charles Grigg, included the substance in the soda's formula because he thought it could be used as a selling point. He believed the naturally-occurring lithia found in underground springs that could be promoted as a mood regulator.

and Dad must have seen this add (with Coke) 1955 Seven Up original vintage advertisement. Promoting purity and wholesomeness, advised young mothers to add the soft drink to babies' milk in equal parts to coax fussy toddlers at mealtime!

Wow. Don't see this these days!!!

42 Vintage Advertisements That Give Fucking Horrible Advice

Vintage McDonald's ad circa 1980 just after McDonald's first opened in Australia. I would hope some day soon we will view junk food ads the same way we look at cigarette ads today

Cigarette smoking whilst pregnant?

Cigarette smoking whilst pregnant?

The Hair Hall of Fame

Vintage ad for the gift of psychokenisis to give you a hairy chest. Hmm, so Chattanooga must be filled with hairy-chested he-men?

Jail Jamas - The Daring Gift for Married Folks! Daring and sexist. She gets number 2795 and a half!

vintage asbestos ad for farm buildings

Asbestos and it's magic. Asbestos turned out to be the deadliest mineral ever used by man. Despite this, it is still mined in some countries (Canada only stopped asbestos mining recently in

25 Outrageously Sexist Vintage Ads

25 Outrageously Sexist Vintage Ads

Canadian Club Whiskey print ad campaign circa 2007.

Back in October, I posted an image of a Canadian Club ad whose design evoked the early titled Your Mom Wasn’t Your Dad’s First. The ad used photos that had been Photoshopped to have that old “Kodachrome” look and […]

Opium containing 46% Alcohol and 3 grains Opium per ounce

~ Opium for relief of headache, pain, "excitability," “women’s discomforts.” alcohol and 3 grams of opium per ounce.


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Old Vintage AD Beautiful but dumb, she has never learned the first rule of lasting charm a long-lasting deodorant, ODO-Ro-Do

If you love your husband you will keep your complexion lovely. If he leaves because you didn't use Palmolive-- you've only got yourself to blame!

10 More Retro Ads That Made Women Look Like Idiots

"I love my husband far too much to risk getting dry, lifeless 'middle-age' skin! How you, too, can keep your complexion lovely with this soap made with olive oil!