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!! I soo wish this would happen For any belieber they could show all the haters wrong!! :) <3

Gosh I wish this could happen, it would be so awesome in every way, the main is that IM DATING Justin, and the other to prove every jerk at my school that being a Belieber is loving him forever, and never giving that up.

justin bieber

I just love seeing my Idol smiling :) He's happy im happy and that's all that matters to me is to see my Idol happy :) ILY Justin

#wattpad #fanfiction Justin is overwhelmed by all the joy in his life. He just dropped his album Purpose and everything seems to be going great except for one person. Justin meets Emilee, but notices that she doesn't want a piece of Bieber or even the chance to hang out with him and somehow it makes him just crave her...

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