Book Design Inspiration: The New Sylva - Celebrating the UK\'s Forests and Trees - created via

The New Sylva book cover and layout by Peter Dawson I have choose this book cover because i really like the hand drawn on the cover page. When it's come to the layout it's crowded from outside but organized from inside.

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Map grid reference examples for essays for example some maps use a one-kilometre square grid spacing. A grid reference locates a. In the example map, even though the writing which labels.

Mir gefällt der Umgang mit den Auszeichnungsebenen. Die rote Farbe, die überdimensionalen Anführungsstriche für Zitate, die großen Initialen für einen neuen Abschnitt und die Kapitälchen für Zwischenüberschriften. Besonders cool finde ich die Idee der großen schräg gesetzten Kapitelüberschriftzeilen.

This is such a beautiful piece of editorial work. Love the use of black and white images throughout and the extremely interesting typography.

"Rosneft", Annual Report 2011 by Viktor Miller-Gausa

"Rosneft", Annual Report 2011 by Viktor Miller-Gausa. - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All


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