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2016 at start :)

2016 at start :)

HAHA this one is epic...

calm down thid Don't exist on play store anymore but it's still funny

20 Funny Examples of Cat Logic - 9GAG

20 Funny Examples of Cat Logic

20 Funny Examples of Cat Logic -

Haha awesome

When my husband joined in the cab, this happened.

Which one do you think it is?

Why Deadpool is not invited to the Civil War (honestly I'm not sure why people keep pinning this.)<< cause it's fun

Some fun stuff for you :)

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Haha read till the ending because it is such a plot twist


We've only discovered a tiny fraction of the deep sea creatures.<<<And I'm incredibly concerned.<<Do i wanna die? Yup i wanna die!

Turtles Diaper. This is one of the most adorable things I have ever seen.. Harm: ! I heir: me with lim 'Tito , that IE. 3 we "digital to rum...

Funny pictures about Tortoise in a diaper. Oh, and cool pics about Tortoise in a diaper. Also, Tortoise in a diaper.

Funny restaurant sign collection

Funny Restaurant Sign Collection

Photographers Capture 20 Funny and Geeky Chalkboard Signs That Think Outside the Box

Go home physics, you're crazy! THE ON EARTH IS ANY OF THIS POSSIBLE

Funny pictures about Perfectly Balanced. Oh, and cool pics about Perfectly Balanced. Also, Perfectly Balanced.

Cool cat

Kitten Ballroom Dancing: Napa native & award winning winemaker "Mister-Robert-Mouse-a-davi" has just announced he will sponsor the first annual Yountville Kitten Dance Invitational & Gourmet Cat Food Festival this October.

Mashup of best things ever!

Riding crop- Sherlock Ring- Lord of the Rings Arrow- Hunger Games Wand/Deathly Hallows- Harry Potter Sonic Screwdriver- Doctor Who The deathly fandoms The nerd in my absolutely loves this.

Problems of a Book Nerd #12.  Not gonna pretend I don't do this often.

FOR NARNIA! I actually was in the gym at school and randomly started running and then shouted "FOR NARNIA!

So naturally repin this on every board you have >=)

Please repost this if you hate Justin beiber as much as I do!


I have never loved a quote more! It's funny when someone claims you don't have haters, people just don't like you. BUT then quote a haters gonna hate!

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“Put your nose on the black dot and watch the girl passing through the circle, rt if worked for you.