The Almost Complete Greek God Family Tree - Aphrodite is hilarious! How they tied her in!

The Almost Complete Greek God Family Tree

The Greek god family tree. (Not pictured: literally thousands of minor gods, demigods, and folks of a mythological persuasion.

Couch hedge looks way too young but this is honestly one of my favorite things that happened

Percy and frank and coach hedge. Though I'm not gonna lie, I always picture coach Hedge a good deal older.

Annabeth.. Have you seen my Percy?

Aww, based off of "Have you seen my hat" kids book. I love the Percy Jackson books!

That's right, Jason; keep your lips to yourself and Piper, and nowhere near Annabeth!

No Logan. No.

ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH No.Come on they can't be that stupid can they? How the hell can't they know about blue food? Logan plays Percy for crying out loud! He should know what blue food is!This is one of the many reasons the movies suck.

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The Percy Jackson Pledge I also promise to remember Bob the Titan when I looked at the stars and sun I also promise to forever not only to Remember the PJO series but also THO series, TOA series and all the others with demigods in it .

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wow that looks way more intense than Heroes of Olympus actually is it's like the pic above says "we are fearless warriors who will save humanity and the rest of time" and the actual series is like "hey look Frank's an iguana again!

Percy Jackson Nerdiness  Now I have to do that too... ---- No there isnt, it always returns to Percy's pocket.

LOL same, even though Riptide is supposed to be in Percy's pocket. Wow, I just realized how big Percy's pocket is.