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Gotta have Moirane of course, just & stuff off the fly for fun I suppose so she does look a bit young to me but It& cool. One of the few Aes Sedai that can be spared a face full of balef.

Commission Rahela by Zippora

Rahenna lives in a small forest west of the Long coast ridge with her many animal friends, among them the black crow Gher.


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SHANLI 2 on Behance

SHANLI 2 on Behance

Guerrière dragon

It's been a long time guys, too long maybe Some concept art that i did for a prototype, she's a warrior that wears Dragon skin! View the Promotional poster here ->

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This specific plant is proven to treat tumors, diabetes and high blood sugar among many other health benefits. Many plants, herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables are used to treat different diseases.