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The most expensive gemstones in the world  Infographic

Diamond Gemstones The Most Expensive Gemstones in the World Infographic - more on the site.

Gemstones: Natural Treasures to Celebrate Earth Day.

GIA features rough gemstones in their natural form to celebrate Earth Day. Here is a special grouping of rough gemstones to celebrate the Earth.

Crystal Formations Chart: Discover Their Meanings and Crystal Healing Properties

Crystal Formations and Their Meanings

Crystal Healing Chart: Crystal Formations and their Meanings. What are the Crystal Healing properties of different crystal formations and shapes? Discover how these common and unusual forms add extra special meanings to your crystals.

Brilliance put together a stunning graphic describing all the birthstones and the variety of colors they come in.  Did you know that sapphires come in just about every color you can think of?

Confused about which color gemstone falls on which particular month? Let this new Brilliance infographic be your guide.

Amethyst buying guide. GIA (020314)

If you’re in the market for February's birthstone, GIA’s Amethyst Buying Guide has tips and advice on what to look for, including amethyst quality factors.

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Uncut and cut natural blue diamond... SO beautiful!

Uncut and cut Blue Diamond ❦ CRYSTALS ❦ semi precious stones ❦ Kristall ❦ Minerals ❦ Cristales ❦

Identification Chart for Stones

Sometimes it is more than just a rock. Use this chart to see if it is a semi precious stone.

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Carving Perfection

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