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I'm going to build this: Homemade Bird Cage, Parakeet Cage, Diy Bird Cage…

Cage and how to. - Chameleon Forums

Top 10 photos bird cage supplies for beloved pets : Bird Cage Building Materials Supplies.

My aviary from a repurposed armoire. My birdie and I love it! #parrotfood

My aviary from a repurposed armoire. My birdie and I love it! #parrotfood

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You have to make sure your dragon's cage has sufficient temperatures during the night and day

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"If you are a glider owner or flying squirrel owner.....hit up local yard sales or thrift stores for old dresser or amours. They make for great cages and even storage for clean towels, food, treats and toys." Oh my god. This would've been perfect if I didn't already buy one

Pet Bird Cage Ideas: Turn an old wardrobe into a bird cage. Looks like a doable pet bird diy project for folks with a little woodworking skill or those willing to take it slow.

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I could use this as a basic idea of how I want to set up the inside when I make my little furball a new cage. I definitely want to add a fleece hammock too.