Olaf #Frozen this is a movie but still so adorable that I had to pin it somewhere.

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Póster Olaf y Sven. Frozen: el reino del hielo Póster con la imagen de dos de los personajes principales Olaf y Sven de la película de animación Frozen: el reino del hielo.

Póster Olaf y Sven. Frozen: el reino del hielo

olafs so cute!!!

Frozen sucked compared to any studio Ghibli movie. But I liked Olaf ;

Disney's Frozen Olaf Painting

A 18 x 14 inch acrylic painting of Olaf. Good for any kids and lovers of the new Disney movie Frozen!

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This is my death a snowman making a snowangel because in reality if you ar a disney fan olaf is a snow angel


Okay so I thought Olaf would look really cute in a black and white picture and then I realized except for his nose he's already black and white!

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