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this it makes me so happy!--Did the sad kid remind anyone of Nico? << He looked like Percy and acted like nico what does this mean agh! But it's absolutely perfect


Begemott's Sweet Halloween Dreams inspired (I believe) by Nick Davis' A Teddy Bear Tale about Tristan the Teddy Bear protecting his child from the Monsters under the Bed. "Teddy Bears protecting innocent children from Monsters under the Bed since

Cute short people problems??? She just found her soulmate, what do you mean short people problems???

Cute short people problems<<this kinda looks like Derek and Chloe from the Darkest Powers Trilogy.

Creepy pasta party

This is too dumb to put on the Creepy board *_* Creepypasta party! but I found this hilarious, oh me and my messed up mind :p

Instant Happiness Potion

Instant Happiness Potion<<< is it just me or does this remind anyone else of Agatha and Sophie?(If Sophie were nicer, that is.

Jack watching Jamie get old. How sad is this!?

RoTG: Guardian Until the End by ~hakuku on deviantART - Jack Frost and the life of Jamie Bennett. ahh the feelsss. Those aren't tears

This is too adorable. I love the message it brings across, and the style of art is fantastic.

:) I don't support homosexuality, but no one should ever hate someone for their decision, so I'm pinning because it prompts kindness :)<<I SUPPORT YOU LGBTQ!