Totally do this an the kids loved it!!! I can't wait to be in my own classroom again!

Whole Brain Teaching: The Scoreboard

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Whole Brain Teaching - When the heart is full students get 10 minutes of free time or extra recess time.

First Grade Critter Cafe': Whole Brain Teaching.add a heart each time the kids make you happy. For a reward or ten minutes free time

Kids vs. Teachers - a behavior management technique that works like magic!- My cooperating teacher does this and it truly works!

Kids v. Teachers - a magical intervention

Teachers - a behavior management technique that works like magic! Would this work as kids vs.

Greek Mythology, Family Tree... Perhaps I can use this when I teach about geneology??? Extension idea perhaps?

Greek Mythology Family Tree

Whole Brain Teaching:  Kindergarten, One Less Than Rule

Whole Brain Teaching (Kindergarten - Subtraction) - Cool ideas for student engagement. Will modify to lessen overall classroom noise for our class.

Introducing Whole Brain Teaching to a first grade class.

Day Starting WBT Part 1 - In a grade classroom. Definitely couldn't teach first grade. And their is one kid's voice that is driving me nuts, but this teacher does a great introduction to her graders on the first day of school.

like how the smileys are changed to pumpkins~~Whole Brain Teaching and "The Scoreboard"

always knocking on my door waaaay too quickly!I thought I'd do a little Monday Management post for ya to show you what my .