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Hello! I'm Charles King a fourth year Ravenclaw student. I enjoy reading and inventing new wizarding things. For example, my wand. It's actually stone with a Thestral hair... A bit unusual but it's the only one that works. Also, I'm a pure blood but I do t think anything of it, I guess I'm a bit nerdy, and if anyone would like to talk, I'll be in the library.

Hello, I'm Luka, and 13 years old. Son of Aurora and Phillip. I'm betrothed to Abby, daughter of Belle and Adam.

Baby blue steel: William Franklyn-Miller (above) has been famous online with 152,000 Instagram followers

How a 12-year-old kid became the 'world's most handsome boy'

Baby blue steel: William Franklyn-Miller (above) has been famous online…

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Mother was a famous writer for New York times. Father a factory worker. She works as a material gatherer for construction and helps collect tax funds for it's construction.

Vyse Amíel

Dark, curly hair and freckles. Expression lines etched into the face that must've once been happy.

Were you surprised when Jake reached out and touched Avram?

Jake Bohm - from the TV series Touch