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Switzerland is known for its major chocolate industry. They make is straight from scratch. Which gives it the rich taste.

YUM.  vosges chocolate caramels.

Vosges Haut-Chocolat Caramel Collections - Exotic Caramels, Caramel Marshmallows, Sweet and Salt Exotic Caramels, Organic Caramels

Chocolates from Henri Le Roux, Paris France/ actually very good for system wgen dark and in moderation.

B by B.(ビーバイビー)銀座 :  チョコレート詰合せ 10種10本入り

B by B.(ビーバイビー)銀座 : チョコレート詰合せ 10種10本入り



15 Cool & Luxurious Gold Food Packagings that will make you feel rich

Marmite Gold

These BVLGARI chocolates are priced at 5000 Japanese Yen (about Would you pay that much for chocolate?

The Chocolatier's Selection by Iain Burnett, The Highland Chocolatier

Chocolatier's Selection - Box of 30 Chocolates

Switzerland + Chocolate

In Switzerland, the average person eats 23 lbs. of chocolate every year.) Toblerone : I love it !

Artisanal Chocolates from La Foret, Napa, CA: Seasonal chocolates available through an allocation program.

La Foret's Handmade Chocolates

At La Forêt, a tiny chocolate shop in Napa, former French Laundry chef Wendy Sherwood is creating some of the Bay Area's best chocolates.

Hotel Chocolat

Our Chocolatier Table range of complete luxury chocolates is an epic collection of every recipe currently made. Edible indulgence from Hotel Chocolat.