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I love this website, Yanko has so many cool inventions.

Today we are going to show you an Amazing Handy Map Projector Concept “Maptor”. Maptor is an innovative portable map projector concept by Jin-Sun Park and

L’evoluzione dell’ombrello

Pin Rain Shield, A Clever Redesign of the Umbrella. On the hierarchy of design, I believe that this fulfills all of the layers including creativity. The shield not only acts as a conventional umbrella, but also a shield from wind and sideways rain.

When traveling, now you can always ensure your clothes are wrinkle free when you bring along this compact and lightweight mini travel iron.

Travel Smart Mini Iron

The Travel Smart Mini Travel Iron features an extra-compact design that is convenient for travel. This worldwide dual voltage travel iron features an average

Laser Tripwire this is going in my bugout bag and in my hurricane preparedness bag. No looters, No worries!

The Spynet Laser Trip Wire system uses a laser emitter, reflectors and receiver to create a laser security system.

Pinterest DIY Tech Projects!: This is pretty cool. enjoy the view above and belo...

EGO-SE 450 "Penguin", a Personal Semi-Submarine Boat - thought this would be cool somewhere in a story :)

We talked about a carry on luggage with a fold-out scooter last February, and you guys thought it was pretty neat. But that one was almost $400, while the Glyde.

Backpack Scooter Avoid the hassles of traffic by commuting with the backpack scooter. With just a few simple maneuvers, your handy backpack transforms into an even handier scooter you can ride while.

Incredibly, aerogel is as strong as steel, and virtually as light as air.

10 Fantastic Futuristic Materials That Exist ~ Aerogel As Strong As Steel & Virtually As Light As Air