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CIN=Abnormal cells growing within the layers that cover the cervix. It's not cancer; it means there are changes in the cells of the cervix that could be a pre-cursor to cervical cancer and does not even mean you are going to get cancer -- but you're at higher risk of getting cervical cancer in the future. They diagnose CIN by doing a biopsy and graded by the stage it is in. (SOURCE: "Cervical Cancer Symptoms, Signs, Causes and Treatment." About Cervical Cancer.)

Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

HPV virus 'linked to third of throat cancer cases'

One third of people diagnosed with throat cancer are infected with a form of the HPV virus, a study suggests.

Basic Human Anatomy: Blood

Worksheets: Basic Human Anatomy: Blood

HPV has zero symptoms. Because it has no symptoms, it's hard to know if you--or your partner--is infected.

What you need to know about HPV (human papillomavirus) and cervical cancer. Re-pin to share this important message.

Cool song and animation breaking down the entire muscular system.. awesome!


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