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Petals - A tiger legged monkey tree frog, falling asleep in a flower. Are you sleeping? Lucky duck if you are!

☆ Painted Bellie Monkey Frog, Argentina :¦: Gail Melville Shumway Photography ☆

Painted Belly Monkey Frog, Argentina ~~ by Gail Melville Shumway Photography


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Living nursery The swollen bumps on the back of this female San Lucas Marsupial Frog (Gastrotheca pseustes) are caused by nearly one hundre.

Red eyed tree frog

Photograph Red-eyed and calathea. by Juan Carlos Vindas on Rainette aux yeux rouges.

Fully grown Corroboree Frogs, these tiny frogs live in Australia and are Critically Endangered

Fully grown Corroboree Frogs: "Touch Not The Frog, Bout A Glove"

The Slope-snouted Glass Frog (Cochranella euknemos) is a species of spotted glass frog considered rare in both Costa Rica and Panama but..

Twinkling in the dimmest of places within the tropical jungles of South America is the Fringe-limbed Tree Frog (Cochranella euknemos). Its name euknemos derives from Greek and means "with beautiful legs," which refers to the frog's fringed hind limbs.

Spotted Burrowing Frog

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Scientists have discovered how one of the world's smallest frogs is able to hear with its mouth.

Tiny frog listens with its mouth

Gardiner’s tree frog is one of the smallest frogs in the world, growing to only in length. Unlike most frogs, the young do not hatch as tadpoles, but as fully formed small adult frogs. So the babies are even smaller versions of this little guy.