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So true! Motivation: It hurts now, but one day it'll be your warm up.

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don't want to be a skinny girl.... I want to be a fit girl!!!!

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Non conoscerai mai i tuoi limiti finché non ti spingerai a superarli...

You don't know your limits until you push yourself past them inspirational workout quotes / inspirational gym quote / motivational workout sayings


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Fitness is like marriage, you can't cheat and expect it to work.

Fitness workout exercise inspiration motivation quote: Fitness is like a marriage, you can't cheat & expect it to work

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Quote by: unknown. I am all about fitness and eating healthy. It's hard to quit bad habits but once you do you will never quit. So work out so you don't have to suck in your fat.

This is a very shocking, very humbling image. The effect of excess weight is quite startling. You can hear about it all day long, but to actually see it can bring it home full force. Look at the joints, how much pressure is applied on them. Look at the way the legs bow. Most alarming, look at the lining around the heart and the spots on the base of the brain.     If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this one is priceless.     Need another reason to get healthy?

Body scan of 250 lb woman and 120 lb woman. Not that a women needs to weigh 120 lbs.but the damage obesity causes. Look at the size of the intestines and stomach; how the knee joints rub together; the enlarged heart; and the fat pockets near the brain.

It is only okey to quit when you feel unwanted at training of it is a teamsport

Crawling is acceptable. Falling is acceptable. Puking is acceptable. Crying is acceptable. Blood is acceptable. Pain is acceptable. Quitting is not.