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Sunset in Kenya by eir@si, via Flickr

Typical sunset in Africa. Kenyan sunset in Masai Mara. Last day of my safari trip March And yes - the colors where as shown here.

Sunset in Kenya

Kenya, Clouds, Sunsets

Masaai Mara, Kenya

sunrise on Masai Mara plains -- Kenya (Nikon on Fuji Provia Sep


To see the silver lining you have to look upward, if you don't look upward all you see is the dirt and muck on the ground. Look up, see the beauty in every color of the sky.

The Sun, is a planet that is situated in the center of our solar system. Come and explore some facts about the Solar system.

Kenya- slum life. Pray for Kenya!!


Though I live amongst the abundance of the United States, my heart lives in Kenya. 3 years ago on a missions trip I left it there, and each year I go back to visit it. Though many see poverty and despair in these images I see beauty and Hope.