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Calypso zodiac sign

Calypso zodiac sign<<< weird, same sign, we look alike.<<< eh I look more like annabeth and Percy combined, and my personality is too.

Frank Zhang zodiac sign

The Pjo Characters and the Zodiac Signs Just a small idea I had: matching each character’s personality with a sign in the most accurate way I can.

Whenever I see this I have to cry. ;_;

Bianca Di Angelo and Nico Di Angelo/ what would have happened if Bianca survived and stayed a hunter/ brb crying

Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Jason Grace, Piper McLean, Frank Zhang, Hazel Levesque, Leo Valdez, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Nico Di Angelo

PJO+HOO Kids by SmarsPD on deviantART <<< this is so beautiful. I have tears in my eyes. the feels are too much. It's just missing Bianca from the nico one

Nico Di Angelo

Edit by Peggy Carter. The Solangelo fandom explode with the song "You are My Sunshine". It shows Nico with all of his sunshines(Jason, Will, Reyna and Hazel) Enjoy.