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Queen Marie of Romania by KraljAleksandar on DeviantArt

Königin Marie von Rumanien in Rotkreuz-Uniform, Queen of Romania

Princess Ileana of Romania as a young child she met Tsarevich Alexei and was very fond of him.

Princess Ileana of Romania. Princess Ileana of Romania - the youngest daughter of King Ferdinand I of Romania, and his consort Queen Marie of Romania. She was a great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria and of Czar Alexander II.

princess marie of edinburgh

Marie of Edinburgh (later Marie, Queen of Romania) acquiring the Romanian identity, in her peasant costume, given as wedding gift.

Queen Marie and Princess Elisabeth of Romania

Crown Princess Marie of Romania & her eldest daughter, Princess Elisabeth, 1907

Marie, Princess of Romania with her sister Victoria Melita who would become a Grand Duchess when she married her cousin, Grand Duke Krill.

granddaughters of Queen Victoria -- HRH Princess Marie of Edinburgh (Queen of Romania) and HRH Princess Victoria Melita of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (Grand Duchess consort of Hesse and Grand Duchess Viktoria Feodorovna of Russia), daughters of Prince Alfred

Queen Marie of Romania wearing the diamond and sapphire kokoshnik which once belonged to Grand Duchess Vladimir

According to her daughter, Princess Ileana of Romania, Queen Marie liked the sapphire tiara so much she wore it to her conronation in

Queen Marie of Romania in diamond circle tiara - now lost. This wonderful diamond circle tiara was in the possession of Queen Marie, but when she left her jewels in the Moscow bank for safe keeping during the Revolution, the Soviets stole this tiara along with other jewels and they have not been seen since.

Queen Marie of Romania in diamond loop tiara - now lost. But costume- loving queen lives on in memory. More below including a huge Cartier crown.

Her Royal Highness Princess Marie of Romania (1900-1961)

Princess Marie of Romania, nicknamed Mignon, daughter of Queen Marie (nee Princess Marie of Edinburgh) and King Ferdinand. Marie later married King Alexander I of Yugoslavia(Serbia-Montenegro-Croacia).