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make your woman your priority, let her be your queen! This is who I am to my Man Te Amo Daddy💋❤️💋

A queen protects her king. I will always protect my man!! Stay away from him!! Stop posting pics of him!! You're living a lie bitch!!

A queen protects her king. I will always protect my man! Stop posting pics of him! You're living a lie bitch!

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49f16b19e15715ad78a75100156cd187.jpg (480×480)

Wherever he is, this is already true. You are in my heart my king..even though we may not yet know each other's faces.

Men want what women want — a whole partner. One powerful way to attract a great man and build a vibrant relationship is to create a full, rewarding life for your own fulfillment.

J always calls me his lioness. Even more so now that Ellie is OBSESSED with lions.

30 Powerful Lioness Tattoo Ideas - Tattoo of the lioness is more common for females. It is explained by a desire to show own femininity. The woman thinks: “I’m a mother (or future mother). So what kind of tattoo will be …

Delicate lioness tattoo #lioness #lion #small

Lioness is a symbol of power and transformation. The lioness does the hunting for her pack and is fiercely protective of her children

Leo ~ dramatic, creative, confident

The Fire Element

Leo ~ dramatic, creative, confident