IKEA - ELVARLI, 3 sektioner, Du kan tilpasse eller udbygge den åbne opbevaringsløsning efter behov. Måske er den kombination, vi foreslår, perfekt til dig, og ellers kan du nemt lave din egen.Flytbare skohylder og garderobestænger gør det nemt for dig at skræddersy pladsen efter dit behov.Du kan kombinere åben og lukket opbevaring: Hylder til dine yndlingsting og skuffer til de ting, du vil gemme væk.Integrerede dæmpere "fanger" skufferne, så de lukker langsomt, stille og b...

ELVARLI 3 sektioner, hvid

IKEA ELVARLI 3 sections White cm You can always adapt or complete this open storage solution as needed. Maybe the combination we’ve suggested .

Installé dans un appartenant ne proposant pas de rangement, le designer Till Ewert Koenneker a eu l’excellente idée de créer ce « Living Cube », création permettant de propose un espace combinant rangements, lit d’ami et même un espace de stockage caché. A découvrir en images dans la suite.

The Living Cube

"The living cube" I moved into a apartment studio without storage room. So i made a minimalistic cube design with a shelf for my vinyl collection, my TV, Clothes and Shoes. On the cube is a guest bed and inside the cube is a lot of storage space.

George and Willy

Kids room, home office or near the kitchen for the busy family - love. George & Willy designed Studio Roller, a wall-mounted, kraft paper roll dispenser that easily lets you pull out a section of paper when you need it.

There's no privacy in *this* conference room!

Mobile by Christan Halleröd and Johannes Svartholm

Mobile is a furniture installation created by artists Christan Halleröd and Johannes Svartholm for non-profit arts company Mossutställningar.

"A Sliding Bookcase Wall..." -- I have seen this attributed both to Erik Cox (at the click-through) and to Nico Sevenhuysen, both from The Netherlands, but I haven't been able to track down an original photo to prove or disprove either attribution. Whoever did it, I think I want to paint it white and add it to my house!

Storage on wheels--Nico Sevenhuysen in Amsterdam. This would be awesome or paper storage in my studio!

Decker Double Bookcase-- Must have this for our office so that Jonny can store his dvd's in style :D

Decker Five-Shelf Bookshelf

Decker Double Bookcase, Tall - eclectic - bookcases cabinets and computer armoires - Anthropologie