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Maria Antonia, future Queen of France (1769, Joseph Ducreux)

Maria Antonia, daughter of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, future Marie Antoinette, Queen of France Joseph Ducreux)

Portrait of Marie-Antoinette with rose painted by the painter Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun in 1783.

Art Meme - Marie-Antoinette with the Rose by Elisabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun, at the Palace of Versailles.

Marie Antoinette (1755-93) after Vigee-Lebrun. Giclee by Louise Campbell Clay.

Marie Antoinette after Vigee-Lebrun. Giclee by Louise Campbell Clay. In Baroque period, the rich will hire a artist to have a portraiture for them. They were shown on the picture with gorgeous wearing and symbolic the top status in the society.

Young Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette - 1762 - Marie Antoinette was born on the same day a major earthquake hit Lisbon, Portugal. This portrait shows Austrian Archduchess Marie Antoinette at age seven.

The Royal Family of France in 1782, sitting on left Comtesse d'Artois with her children behind, Comte d'Artois standing behind his brothe Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette holding the Dauphin, Madame Therese on the floor, Madame Elizabeth standing behind the Queen, and Comte and Comtesse de Provence standing on the right.

Portrait of the Royal Family of France, circa Marie Antoinette holds the dauphin, Louis Joseph, as her husband, Louis XVI gazes into her eyes. The royal couple are surrounded by the king's brothers - Provence and d'Artois and their wives.

Madame Louise de France (1748) by Jean-Marc Nattier - Louise-Marie de Bourbon

Jean-Marc Nattier Madame Louise de France ( 1748 ) \\ Luisa Maria French ( ) , known as Madame Louise , daughter of Louis XV, in the court dress and holding a basket of flowers Palace of Versailles

Alexandra von Dänemark – Wikipedia

Graphic Art: Painting – Queen Alexandra when Princess of Wales, by Franz Winterhalter,