abandoned building Although many of them are in poor condition due to lack of maintenance and a few years hanging over them inexorably, the cuban capital Is full of nice architecture.

Most Beautiful Pages: 70 Abandoned Old Buildings.. left alone to die

Abandoned Smallpox Hospital is located on Roosevelt Island, a narrow island, in the East River of New York City. The Smallpox Hospital will be known as & Ruins& or & Smallpox Hospital& Roosevelt Island was known as the Welfare Island from 1921 to

Abandoned mansion in France

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Old Staircase in an Abandoned House in France. Looks like it has marble walls and floors with an intricate rot iron railing on the marble staircase. It also looks like it got damaged in a flood.

Abandoned Ouerbacker Mansion - Louisville, Kentucky

Abandoned Ouerbacker Mansion - Louisville, Kentucky this is where my great grandpa lived! I remember going there when I was little


Villa Branca stands proudly against a hill, looking over the lake of Lugano. Once owned by the rich wine-farmer Alfredo Branca, but abandoned since 1981 (photo by Sven Fennema, via

Abandoned houses always make me wonder who lived there, where they went and what happened that made them leave their home ...

The Louisiana swamp home Looks like it was beautiful! I wish I could save houses like this. Today's homes are built like cracker boxes. Cheap crap thrown together like its a disposable home. We need homes like this beauty saved!