Abandoned Victorian Mansion | Le Manoir hanté et les 999 fantômes Image 19 sur 25....SO BEAUTIFUL

The Haunted Mansion (movie) The grand staircase is just the beginning of the mansion's hidden secrets.

abandoned chateau de la foret - Google Search

Château de la Forêt (BE) Did a war cause this abandonment with everything left in place?

Bannerman's Castle, near Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 1851-1918, historical monument, abandoned. Beautiful

BANNERMAN'S CASTLE is the Hudson Valley's most renowned ruin. On Pollepel Island (fabled for eerie happenings going back to the and owned by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, the ruin is closed to the public.

it's like a zelda water temple.

Abandoned in Mumbai, care for a dip anyone? never in my life,something would drag me under. <<<Id jump, if i could swim

The Castle of Franconville near Saint-Martin-du Tertre, France, built just a half century ago.

The Castle of Franconville near Saint-Martin-du Tertre, France. This resembles the Gothic style that is present in the stories we have read. I picked this picture because it gave a dark and eerie feel just like Jane Eyre.