I wonder.

taunton state hospital or asylum, taunton massachusetts - matthew christopher murray's abandoned america connects to buildings

Open bar, they say

Abandoned Bank Vault - Dee: The entrance that lead to the underground colony unnerved me. It was the heavy bank vault door that did it the most, yet the floor told a story that the door had never been shut in this century, at least.

Set of Haunted Mansion

Needless to say, the steampunk interior design style certainly creates an entirely new look in a . These are a must for a steampunk bedroom.

Abandoned Castle #Castles| http://famouscastlesimogene.lemoncoin.org

I love this doorway of an abandoned castle, you can literally see Mother Nature creeping in to take back the space

…abandoned places… …I am fascinated by the “magic” dust of a bygone era… …I gaze at the imperfections and decay… …I hear music… …the mystery…makes me excited… …gives me ideas and inspiration… …it is a golden opportunity… …to spark my imagination…

Abandoned library. The loss is staggering to me, It cries out, don't forget. Waiting to be reclaimed to renewal, one day, one glorious day.

A Tree grows in an Abandoned Library. The loss is staggering to me, It cries out, don't forget me. It sits here waiting to be reclaimed and revived one glorious day.


Abandoned in Mumbai, care for a dip anyone? never in my life,something would drag me under. <<<Id jump, if i could swim

A bit desolate, but I could have the best house at Halloween, lol.

Castle in Versailles, France Italian villa architecture decay ruins abandoned buildings places architecture decay ruins abandoned buildings .

An abandoned building!  :)

Belgian artist Jonas De Ro received a master's degree in fine arts. This is an artist of our time, which is professionally engaged in digital painting.