Lipstick is one of the most commonly used cosmetic products - and a range of chemicals are required for its production. The choice of these ingredients is carefully considered to provide the desire...

"Chemistry teacher Andy Brunning has revealed the strange chemicals that go into lipstick, including insects and chilli, which plumps up the lips. He says that while brands tweak their recipes, all lipsticks are made of oil, wax and pigments or dyes"

The Chemistry of Contact Lenses

For objects that essentially look like thin plastic films, there’s a surprising amount of chemistry behind contact lenses. This chemistry is designed to maximise comfort whilst they are being worn,.

Chemistry of Kevlar

You've probably read of the recent death of Stephanie Kwolek, the American chemist who discovered Kevlar. Most people have almost certainly heard of Kevlar, in the context of bullet-proof vests, bu.

Chemistry Laboratory Glassware

Having a hard time remembering all of the chemistry laboratory glassware? This handy visual guide created by Andy Brunning of 'Compound Interest' will help you remember your basic glassware, flasks, funnels, condensers, and measuring apparatuses.

Rare Earth Minerals in Your iPhone

Key ingredients in the IPhone include so-called rare-earth minerals, elements whose properties make it light, bright, and loud. If you look hard enough, an IPhone can be a lesson in high-school chemistry.