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the sun is setting over a bridge with statues and lamps on either side of it
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Sunrise, Prague Czech Republic
a store filled with lots of different kinds of items and shelves full of beer bottles
Matryoshka shop in Prague - I WOULD DIE!!!!! ON MY BUCKET LIST NOW!!!!
a room filled with lots of skulls and bones hanging from the ceiling next to lamps
Rather unknown but really special places on earth 2
The bone church (the bones of up to 40000 people) in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic (not far away from Prague)
an empty cobblestone street with tables and chairs lined up on the side walk
Cobblestone Lane Prague - Entouriste
there is a wooden walkway going up the hill
Green Footpath
Walking Trail behind Prague Castle, Prague
an old building with many clocks on it's sides and lights in the background
Prague Astronomical Clock Old Time Square
Prague Astronomical Clock Old Time Square, Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is definitely placed high on the list for places to travel. I have great hopes of making this one become a reality.
an arch in the middle of a cobblestone street with cars parked on it
the silent k
amanaboutworld: “amanaboutworld: “ Streets of Prague ” Reblog 5/20 ”
a person walking up some stairs in an old city with buildings on the other side
Our Best Prague Photos - Hecktic Travels
Zamecke Schody, Prague, Czech Republic
a bridge that is over some water at night
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Prague - Lena Serditova
many people are walking along the river side
Pont Charles
Charles bridge, Prague. #travel #travelinsurance #iloveinsurance See the world. Do your travel insurance comparison online, save time, worry, and loads of money.