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Brambly Bramblestar by on @DeviantArt

lmao I tryed a 1 layer cat drawing but I got lazy and decided to abandon it.

This reminds me of our green cheek--Story! :)

This reminds me of our green cheek--Story!

someone does not want a shower.

sun conure meme - hahahaha, my conure does this when it doesn't want someone near or doesn't like them!

Funny budgies

"You id-ee-ot! You got stuck and now the scarey hand has to get you out and I have to flap my wings and scream and I am just not in the mood. No pal I am not!

Fotografia Bully periquito por Frank Kristensen em 500px

Mâncarea e doar a mea.

You've Heard Of Dog Shaming...But Bird Shaming? It's SO Much Better.

23 'Bird Shaming' Moments Show That They're Quite The Troublemakers