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What if there was a vineyard or something that had these dragons to keep pests away or an au where dragons are common and intelligent like humans and they can be small or HUGE and it's awesome and stuff.

Au where dragons are born of fruits. The colour and nature of their fruit dictate their personality and role in the human world. Farms are made to raise dragons and be sold to humans.

Dont care if I already repinned I love this so much

J Hope - BTS better legs than mines

I feel so bad for the European fans

I don't like her mouth on the finished sketch. :/

acquired the painting process - Tutorial Figure) _ petal illustration / comic

Tae Mochi Kookie

txuun: “some babes ”

what is this option, instead he should have put: watch mars of destruction, aot dub, and boku no pico on repeat as long as you live

I would push the button. I don't care who you are, I will press that button XD