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BMW M4 by LB Performance

with extensive body tuning

Rotary engine diagram

The Wankel engine is a type of internal combustion engine using an eccentric rotary design to convert pressure into rotating motion.

Wankel Rotary Engine. Basically it has 3 moving parts; one eccentric shaft and two rotors.

The baddest engine I ever scene.

How It Works: the Mazda Rotary Engine (With Video!) - Popular Mechanics

How It Works: The Mazda Wankel Rotary Engine

because rotary. 3 power pulses per one revolution! Great idea!

Wankel engine also know as a rotary engine

Roush engine. Isn't it beautiful?

I chose the pin because I want to build cars when i am older

BMW M3 Get in shape and drive a BMW like this paid by http://tomandrichiehandy.bodybyvi.com/

Vorsteiner Gives BMW new Front Bumper Kit

Twitter / aborchmann: Ford Mondeo.

Twitter / aborchmann: Ford Mondeo.

KTM X-BOW GT.   The functionality is mostly wrapped up in more streamlined colored bits. the contrast defines the form and puts an interestingly noticeable gap between form and function.

KTM X-BOW GT. A lightweight street legal (Europe) car, uses an Audi engine and a Dallara sourced chassis.

Bmw x3 - tuning white

Bmw x3 - tuning white