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How to Tie an Amazing Knot
the light fixture is made out of pipes and wood
Small Places & Work Spaces
Distressed Wood Beam Chandelier - Pipe light - Barn wood - Reclaimed - Industrial - Rustic - Steampunk - Modern Decor - Boho - Bohemian
a piece of wood with two chains hanging from it
Barn Beam and Gallon Glass Chicken Drinker Hanging Light
three bottles are hanging from the ceiling in front of a brick wall with pipes and lights
23 Ingenious Ideas To Transform Old Glass Bottles Into Extravagant Lamps
two pictures of the inside of a wooden frame with wires attached to it and an electronic device connected to each other
Wooden Lamp DECOR121 Plug in Wall Sconce. Wood Slice Ornament - Etsy
a piece of wood that has been painted green and is hanging from the ceiling in a room
Deckenlampe aus Altholz im Shabby-Look
Deckenlampe mit LED-Spots und indirekter LED-Beleuchtung im Shabby-Look